What Designduality Means To Me From My Perception

DesignDuality takes advantage of one of the remaining few un…. Markets today, the textile industry.

In my birth Country Cameroon, tailors and seamstresses are a dime a dozen, millions of women and men make a living producing made to measure apparel for clients. It seems logical that with the advancement of technology and the ready market of suppliers, these men and women trades people could benefit from a wider customer base, people with perhaps even more purchasing power who could truly make a difference in their lives and communities.

In my adopted Country the United Kingdom, consumers like you and I are seeking new and better ways to differentiate themselves from the masses, to be unique. What is more, the average shopper or consumer is thinking more about the planet, more about sustainable businesses and how they spend their hard-earned currency. They seek new and meaningful ways to make a difference. Add that to a diverse and vast diaspora, people are looking for more ways to connect to their original roots and identify with their primary cultures. They have friendswho also want to, in their own way identity with and promote without misappropriating their cultures.

DesignDuality is the go-to platform where for suppliers and buyers of made to measure apparel meet to exchange quality and uniqueness for value. It will help bridge the ever-increasing gap that class and culture impose on us.

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