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India is not just a culturally-rich country, but it is also artistically rich. The amount of diverse talent we have is almost unparalleled in this universe. India is loaded with talent from painters, poets, architects, and designers. Especially when it comes to the textile and clothing industry, our country has talent beyond imagination. However, the biggest challenge for our artists is to showcase their designs at a global level and serve the target audience. 

women wears DesignDuality dress
Thankfully, brands like DesignDuality understand the importance of letting these designers spread their wings and make their work available to the global market. Here is how DesignDuality is helping small and traditional designers sell their craft across the world.
Traditional look by Indian
Platform: DesignDuality invites all local and national level designers to come and host their exclusive designs on the DesignDuality Website. It ensures their handcrafted, embroidered and authentic products are available to purchase in the global market. Designers can create profiles on the platform and set up their websites to channel their craft. There are different sections available for different dresses on the platform. 
Design Duality app in IOS & Android
Application: This is probably one of the most innovative techniques to attract customers. DesignDuality has an in-built application on Google Play and Apple Store. Using the app, customers can choose their favourite dress from any designer and customize it based on their style and preference. Getting 3D virtual sizing, easy measurements and checkouts are some of the most exciting features of the DesignDuality App.
Market Exposure: One of the biggest problems small/medium-sized designers and traditional artists face is that they do not get sufficient market exposure for their art. DesignDuality offers a platform to showcase designers’ products and helps them market them. The brand has an excellent social media influence and following on networks such as Facebook and Instagram, where designers get excellent market exposure. 
Design Duality credibility
Credibility: Today, customers are spoilt for choices when it comes to shopping websites. There are established and trustworthy brands that might go after them. DesignDuality helps designers build that trust and credibility amongst their customers by only hosting authentic and exclusive collections. 

In a Nutshell:

The whole world is interested in exploring what Indian traditional designers have to offer. If you are a designer that wants to lay a foundation for your brand, DesignDuality will be glad to help. Contact us today to get more information. 

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