Designs That Cross-Over

We are living in a day and age where at a click of a button, you can custom designed and tailor made. DesignDuality brings you the comfort of sitting at home and order tailor made garments straight from the heartlands of traditional and authentic weavers. 

Many of the designs are handcrafted, embroidered, hand stitched and carefully curated to ensure the flavours of authenticity is intact when it reaches your doorstep.

With globalisation we have moved to different locations for work and career and wear dual identities of our new adopted cities or countries yet in our hearts live the life of where we originate from, DesignDuality bridges that for us seamlessly.

Fashion is what you make out it. You can be fashionable in sarees, kurtass, dungarees or a 3-piece suit, it’s what you are comfortable wearing. Feel pampered and indulge yourself in a range of choices like no other. Our carefully picked designers from all over the world bring you the options like never experienced before with the ability to customise and getting measured virtually without cameras and photographs.

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