Designduality A Karmic Connection

When my friends and I first talked about this idea back in 2019, each finishing the other’s sentence, I couldn’t believe someone else, let alone five other people felt this could be a thing! More than just an obvious gap in the market, we agreed that, as millennials, each with several cultural backgrounds, creating Design Duality was a gift we were doing to ourselves, along with millions of Asians, Africans and more from the diaspora. 
Authentic designs wrapped up in a sustainable way of doing business not only has a place on the global market but is simply where this world is headed. 
Growing up in the Republic of Gabon, every life event was punctuated by glorious Gabonese outfits. As an adult in France, UK and beyond, I couldn’t help but notice how globalisation has made Wax, Ankara and other prints global materials. 
As I decided to embark in the DesignDuality adventure, I never looked back. Because DesignDuality makes it so attending an Indian wedding in NYC or London is no longer expensive nor complicated. 

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