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DesignDuality is a brand that acts as a one stop solution for designers to sell their creations to global customers.

Our research has shown that many independent designers in South East Asia produce graceful products in their local marketplace, but aren’t able to transition and attract new clients, despite being in the business for more than a decade after the initial excitement of taking business online, they either didn’t invest in the time or have a limited presence online.
About DesignDuality

Our brand represents the dual identities of our consumers, inspired by their cultural roots, unafraid to be bold and unique in the identities they have nurtured in the US, Europe, UK and globally.About DesignDuality

Our Foundation

There’s A Large Diaspora That Isn’t Able To Find The Right Clothes That They Would Want To Purchase In Their Local Community. Rather Than Shopping Only On The International Trips, Why Can’t They Find What They Want And Have It Delivered Within The Comfort Of Their Homes?

Our brand enables end Consumers & Designers to be able to leverage the platform, easy-to-use, cutting-edge, mobile-phone-based body scan technology to capture and transmit accurate measurements from consumers to tailors anywhere.

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